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Hi all,

Roni Weiss here.

Since I finally had someone ask on the Facebook page what’s going on, I’ll tell you.

OUAP is a project that I still believe in, but that just takes too much work without a team of people who are seriously invested in it.

I’m hoping that such interest will develop at some point or that I’ll be in an artistic community that can bring it back.

Until then, OUAP is on hold.

If you’re interested in helping me get it back on its feet, e-mail me. Better yet, tell me that you have some people that might be interested. Really, that mostly means writers.

You can also check out the episodes that were completed. And if you like them, share them. And if there’s a problem with the links, let me know or feel free to do a search on Internet Archive, which is where they are stored.




Episode #4.5 – Press Button, Receive Bacon (2/2) – Credits

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Episode #4 – Press Button, Receive Bacon (2/2)

Pressing Buttons in the Waiting Room [or O Bold Heart Span], written by Joe Love

Woman:  Emily Redenbach

Mr. Jones:  Gabriel Wolf

Mr. Singleton:  Mike Preston

The Ongoing Adventures of Tammy Jackson, Part Time Janitor:

Part 2: Cleaning Conundrums, written by Steven Thomas

Tammy: Seri Johnson

Ron: A.J. Teshin

Harold: Ian Hayes

Silhouette, written by Andrew Scott Bosscher and Roni Weiss

performed by Andrew Scott Bosscher

Episode #4.5 – Press Button, Receive Bacon (2/2)

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With pieces written by Joe Love and Steven Thomas, along with an original song by Andrew Scott Bosscher and Roni Weiss.

Episode #4 – Press Button, Receive Bacon (1/2) – Credits

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Episode #4 – Press Button, Receive Bacon (1/2)

Duchamp’s Fountain, written by Robert Clark

Marcus:  Mark Turetsky

Luke:  Sean Chiplock

The Salmon of Knowledge, written by Sean McCarthy

Performed by James Lake

Executive Producer: Roni Weiss

Editor: Amanda Purnell

Special thanks:   Sharon Burian, Tammy Gordin and Mistina Willmaser

Episode #4 – Press Button, Receive Bacon (1/2)

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With pieces written by Robert Clark and Sean McCarthy.

“I Suffer from Vegetarianism” by Joshua Bizley

Posted February 2, 2010 by roniweiss
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I Suffer from Vegetarianism

I suffer from vegetarianism.
It’s not the worst disease, it’s true.
But the epidemic has some 7.3 US-born stricken.
All affected every day, all day through.
I’m not asking for benefits or sympathy;
I don’t want to get famous for this.
But perhaps I might get this disability,
Classified as a chronic illness.
The trouble isn’t with an unstable diet,
Or mockery from insensitive friends.
I’m not missing protein, iron or zinc,
And don’t care to be following trends.
The problem is an uncertain ethic,
Yet compulsory as most that I keep.
With a logic that can never be certain,
And a risk that is far-flung from cheap.
It may be that I donate to the death-knells,
Of Majority Worlders whose livelihoods are torn,
By narrow-minded westerners valuing their cats,
On a par with the sentient-born.
But as you’ll have figured that’s exactly my problem,
I can’t say for sure that that’s wrong.
I can’t know for certain the ratio of worth,
From sentient to non-sentient King Kong.
But what of the livelihoods dependent,
On westerners buying livestock?
I simply can’t know, can’t know, can’t know.
Argh – this moral-grey path that I walk.
So I’m left with an unstable conviction,
And given a nebulous vote.
Knowing as if in a horror film,
My wrongness would murder by rote.
But the disease is not in any particular decision.
It strikes as soon as the choice presents.
A victim can only acknowledge the options,
And make a choice in the absence of sense.

By Joshua Bizley
To all my fellow vegetarians – my condolences.

Episode #5 – World Rank-Society Class

Posted December 19, 2009 by roniweiss
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Seeking blog content for Episode #5: World Rank-Society Class.

The topic is:

World Rank-Society Class

(Original photo by Kujtim Pllana)

Any original writing (fiction or non-fiction) or art, original and inspired by the topic will be accepted.

E-mail your submissions to

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